Football Patience/Persistence pays off - trade that took over a year to finalize/complete!

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The story: On May 15, 2007, I lost an auction that I thought I had NO reasonable competition: a 2006 Donruss Elite Die Cut Status #8/8 - a DUAL "ebay 1/1" since it's serial number is both "8" - his jersey #! :LOL: That said, finding a DUAL jersey numbered card is fairly TOUGH as most sets don't end in a players jersey #. I placed a snipe bid of $63.10, but someone out sniped me by a $1. I was shocked that I lost, but also a bit surprised that it went for so "high" (for a non auto/jersey).

I immediately got in contact with the buyer. I soon realized that the winner's main focus in the hobby was Elite Status jersey #/jersey # , which he had 250+ at the time!!! Holy smokes!! There was little to no chance of me getting that card from him, right?!?

Eventually he said, "Sure I'll trade it, but I have to get something back in return (ie dual jersey # cards). Just make sure you don't get it from ebay...I have that covered!" Darn again I thought! "Where else can I find stuff like that WITHOUT ebay?" Regardless, my search began and I quickly found FOUR Status! Three baseball -- Raul Mondesi #43/43, Kevin Olsen #56/56, Carlos Beltran #15/15 and one football Clinton Portis #26/26.

I emailed him, but got no I continued to search. Many times over the course of summer/fall/winter of 2007, I gave him updates and my latest pickups for him, but most times I didn't get a reply. I was concerned and a bit frustrated. At this point, I had picked up another three Status - Michael Young #10/10, Seneca Wallace (RC) #15/15 and another Clinton Portis #26/26.

I was lucky enough to get two additional Status via the trade boards on Beckett and TCC. On Beckett, I knew of 4 Status and got 1, an Adam Gaines (RC) #93/93 from the1mccjensen. On TCC, I got an Anthony Gonzalez (RC) #11/11 for road_runner 1964 (aka "264" ) for a really sweet price. That got my total up to nine Status. In Dec2007/Jan 2008, I emailed and called him several times, when I finally got a reply, he said "Sounds good...Contact me in 3 month!" So I waited.

In April, I contacted him again to see if everything was alright and to get this trade/sale done. April was also when I picked up my 10th and final Status, a 2006 Aaron Rodgers #12/12! When we finally spoke again in May, I learnt he had gone through a lot in a very short period and that cards were often the least of his worries, although they brought him joy/happiness. We had a TOUGH time hammering out the logistics of the trade as I wanted him to send 1st and vise versa. Anyway, it was hard for me to send 1st as I didn't want this to end up as a sale ONLY as opposed to a sale AND trade.

In the end the deal was: he got 10 Donruss Elite Status (all jersey #/jersey #) and I got a Mark Brunell Donruss Elite Status #8/8 + paypal. The paypal part was offered by me as: whatever YOU believe is FAIR in paypal. I will not set a range or a price. If you send me .01 or $1000, I would be just as happy. Eventually, I went with his proposal, where he paid 1st, I sent the 10 Status next and lastly he would send the Brunell.

Here's what he got:


AND Lastly, here's what I got...after a little more than a year!!!

It goes extremely well with these THREE:

2000 Donruss Elite Status #8/8, 2001 Donruss Elite Status #8/8, and 2002 Donruss Elite Aspirations #8/8.


The only #8/8 that I am missing is from 2003 Donruss Elite Status -- which has yet to surface to the best of my knowledge!

Thanks for looking and keep on jadeROCKing!!
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