Opinions on this shipping charge?

If you bid you know what you are paying, im sure it wont cost him 50, but that should be fairly obvious.
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unless its going to sell for $2000+ the price is uncalled for, sure its going to cost $25 or so to ship it, but still thats a profit of $25 just on the shipping...if each card was in a nice mag holder maybe, but i doubt itll be anything like that
Not to be an apologist for the seller, but i've sent many high end cards insured and he'll probably come close to that in shipping and HANDLING charges. Provided he does a good job with bubblewrap and peanuts plus using priority shipping instead of first class, I think he's looking at $30-35 to ship it. He's probably losing a ton by selling it all as a lot anyway. Cut the guy some slack.
Handling charges are BS. That said, if they guy lists his shipping charge in the auction, and you bid on it, you can't really complain about it.

I think most people figure the shipping charges into how much they're willing to bid. If someone is charging extra to try and make more profit on the shipping, I'll deduct that much from what I'm willing to bid.