One box of Elite and two packs of Artifacts.


Bench Warmer
Got them as a early fathers day present.I think i did pretty good,and i know i got some stuff for a few fellow members here.

Elite Box

Rc's /599
Jacoby Jones and Chris Houston Ehhhhh:doh:

Elite Teams Cardinals Leinart,James,Boldin /800

College Ties Caddy and K.Irons /800

Elite Series Fitzgerald /1000

Chain Reaction Burress /400,Andre Johnson /1000

Zoning Commission Deuce /1000,Kitna /1000,M.Harrison /400

Passing the Torch Dickerson/Addai #d/400

Back to the Future Urlacher/Hawk #d/200

And now the hits.....

The Two Artifacts packs


Elite Rc's and a couple inserts


Last but not least :dance::dance::dance:

Steven Jackson on the back of the Allen /299