NL East Race


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Since we have a lot of Braves, Mets, and Phillies fans here I figured we could have a big thread for the rest of the year to discuss the race. All three teams have a good chance at taking it and it should mean some good baseball for the next few months. I'll keep the standing updated on this post. Let the trash talking begin. :salut:

1. New York Mets
2. Philadelphia Phillies.......3.0
3. Atlanta Braves............3.5
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Wagner tried his best to blow that one but the Braves wouldn't let him. Great game all around though. I have to say though, I'm getting a little sick of the Reyes/Millege and now Castillo jumping around. I'll probably love it during the playoffs if they make it.
Hey Chuck, the Phillies and Mets won tonight, what did the Braves do?

Thats fine. We lost to the Mets by 1 run in an awesome game. You beat the Florida Marlins. Its about time the Phillies have a winning record against he NL East. Still a lot of games to be played.
i was extremely disgusted last nite...i know we cant win them all, but damn that was ours for the taking....wagner tried to hand it to us, and we just couldnt do it...i give some props to alou for the one he hit out, in soriano's defense that was not a bad pitch, inside on the hands chest high, i didnt think he could have gotten around on it... oh well, hopefully huddy can get her done tonite...
and for the mets fans, and or braves haters, thru 11 games this year, if memory serves me correctly, atlanta 7 wins and 4 losses against the mets.
what an exciting game!!! BIG WILLIE STYLE....boy o boy...good game all around...what's up with wickman? is he hurt?