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With the franchise tag and free agency signing windows approaching I thought it'd be fun to hear who everyone is watching and where you think they'll end up.

The top ones on my radar are Dak Prescott, Amai Cooper, and Tom Brady.

I think Dak will end up getting a franchise tag. That, to me, would be the smart move for Dallas. I, honestly, would like to see him under McCarthy before they cave and pay him the big bucks he's after. That said, paying him off would be the most JJ thing to do.

As a Cowboys fan, I'm thinking Cooper has to stay in Dallas. That's what I want to happen, but I also think that's what will happen. Letting him go is just stupid. Then we're stuck looking for a decent WR1, no matter the QB situation, and I don't want to give JJ any excuse to bring Dez and his antics back...unless!! More on this later...

That brings us to Mr. Brady...someone who everyone is probably watching. Even if you don't watch football, chances are you'll know what happens with Brady. Now, I personally feel like he should stay in New England. I think the Pats owe him to pay him off for another year or two until he's ready to retire. They're probably not winning a Super Bowl without him, anyways, so who cares. So, that's what I think...but that's why I'm sitting in an office that isn't a GM office right now.

Now let's tell a story and I'll roll all these guys I've mentioned in. Let's say Dallas decides not to franchise tag Dak. They let him test free agency and he signs with another team. Now Dallas is stuck needing a quarterback who can win right now. So, they decide to make a move on Tom Brady. I should mention that down here in Texas, there is already talk of him meeting with JJ, and this would all be a JJ thing to do. Back to the story... The Cowboys end up signing Tom Brady to a one year deal. They already have the offensive line to keep him safe, and a good running game behind him. The defense is "good enough", so the biggest thing they need is someone Brady can throw the ball to. So they end up signing Amari Cooper to a long term deal. Then they call up Dez Bryant and bring him in to play opposite Cooper. No way Dez starts his silly sideline drama with Brady at the helm. So now the Cowboys have possibly the best QB to ever play the game, two very dynamic receivers, a top three running back in the league, and a top 10 defense. The Cowboys go on to win the Super Bowl...the end...

So, who are y'all watching this year in free agency? What do you expect to happen?
Well, the Cowboys used the franchise tag on Dak, which just blows my entire fantasy up! 😂 I don't think that was a surprise to anyone though. This thing has had franchise tag written on it for a while.

Looks like we could find out about Brady as early as tomorrow and Cooper as early as Wednesday.

Also, how about Watson the the Cardinals for David Johnson?! No way I make that deal if I'm the Texans. Now the Cardinals just gotta hope Kyler Murray improves during the off-season because even with D-Hop I don't think he's good enough to be a winner.
Looks like Jason Witten is about to sign a one year deal with the Las Vegas Raiders, according to Adam Schefter. Quite a few Cowboys who will be wearing other uniforms next season. Time to start signing guys instead of letting them all go!
Well, it looks like Tom Brady going to the Buccaneers. I guess that means Winston is out. Of course, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering the season he had. One thing is for sure. If nothing else, at least they won't have as many interceptions thrown this season.