Newfie is this fizzake?

I have probably 30+ different Clayton's that have partial or full Bucs logo in the patch area, and many of them are very similar to this one. This is the first time I have come across this actual card though.

One thing in it's favor of being legit, is that the logo is stitched to the jersey. Over the years I have noticed that when counterfeiter's insert a logo patch into these they don't include any part of the jersey, mainly because they just have the logo. Also if someone were to fake this they are going to probably put the skull part of the logo in it.

The ink from the autograph could be slightly on the jersey, but with the angle of the photo you can't tell.
Clayton was sloppy when it came to signing these cards. I have a good example of his sloppiness. I think it is kind of cool, as long as it doesn't cover up much of the patch:

Honestly, if you are interested in picking it up, I don't know who could prove to you that it was fake. Obviously a quick look in person of the card's auto. would help in your decision.