Newbie Post



New to this board, but have been on most other boards for years, and have seen some of you on other boards. I’ve been collecting since I was a kid, though my collecting has changed slowed down over the past few years. I bust cases of most sports, but tend to collect baseball and basketball mainly. In terms of favorite products, I can’t get enough of Bowman Chrome/Bowman Chrome Draft. I also like Bowman Sterling and Exquisite/The Cup, but UD products are either a grand gamble that pays off or a kick in the pants, so I’ve avoided UD as much as possible lately. 1 too many ‘redemption in process’ messages for months on end haha

In terms of current wants, I can never have enough 02 BCDP baseball rc refractors or xfractors or 02-07 BC baseball rc refractors, blue refractors, xfractors, or gold refractors.


Hands Down the GREATEST POST EVA!!!!
Thanks for the welcomes- you guys are funny w/the donut pics/references, so thanks for the laughs