Need Mark Teixeira and Ian Kinsler


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Good Evening, Morning or Afternoon,
Since I kinda took some time off from early 2008 until a month ago (May 2012) I need most commons, inserts, SP's, GU/ Autos of Mark Teixeira. I own over 1030 different cards of his. Anything from 2001 to 2005 would need to be a hard to find, proofs or low numbered (under 50) etc. The list on my web page is pretty complete for Teixeira. You may use that to compare 2006 back.
Mark Teixeira was a Texas Ranger, Atlanta Brave, LA Angels then to New York Yankees.

Also same time frame and wants for Ian Kinsler except he stated in 2005. I have most his 05 and 06.

You state who you need or what you need.I will even offer up some former and some present rangers stuff. My web page is not updated--I have not logged on since 2007 or so!

Let's Trade!!! Thanks JP
I think I have a Mark Teixeira GU somewhere. It has some kind of damage on it, I think, but if I can find it you can have it. I'll PM you if I come across it.
I can help out with this one, if you need it. Just make me an offer, I am a Reds fan but also just a baseball fan so I will trade for anything that I do not currently have.