My Recent Successes!

SUCH a special return today! I have met Al many times, and he is a wonderful person!


I took this photo while we were looking at the Cardinals Through the Years mural during our Busch Stadium tour in September!
Irish Micky Ward returned three 8x10s today!


Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti fought 3 AMAZING bouts in the early 2000s, with Round 9 of their second fight on May 18th, 2002 being known as "The Round of the Century!"

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Made a custom from a piece of protective plastic that Micky started to sign, he just wrote "Irish!"

Also received a return today from Ann Blyth, one of the last ladies of the classic silver screen! She co-starred with Joan Crawford and Robert Mitchum, among other greats!

I was just watching her, where she played the roles of a mother and daughter on Wagon Train. She has a fantastic singing voice.

She played both mother AND daughter on Wagon Train? I didn't know that!! What a talent!

I had not known that she was a singer until recently, I had first seen her 30+ years ago in One Minute to Zero with Mitchum, my Grandfather and I watched in the 90s.
It's been slow lately, I haven't sent many requests out, but I did send these to Roger Craig for our upcoming fundraiser! He signed and inscribed very nicely!