My Recent Successes!

Those look like they could be pack pulled cut signatures! Really nice work my friend!!!

You are very kind Mike, I have had a ton of fun with these over the years, and I feel like my designs have definitely evolved....its wild to look back at my early efforts in about 2013, hard to believe its been 10 years making customs now!

Thanks so much again for your compliment!!

I have been collecting Olympic Gold Medalists' autographs since we went to the Museum last month, and was excited to add Coach K's custom to the Wall of Fame.....he led the Redeem Team to the Basketball Gold in 2008, 2012, and 2016!!

Gil Hodges finally was inducted into the Hall this year! My 2 best friends surprised me with the signature after our K.C. trip in May, I had seen it in a card shop, they went back and picked it up for me!!

SUPER excited about this success! At 101 years old, Brigadier General Anderson is the last living Triple Ace from WWII, meaning he shot down 5 or more planes 3 different times in combat!

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Not a ttm success, but a purchase and a custom 8x10! Bobby Morgan passed earlier this summer, he was one of 7 living Brooklyn Dodgers, and I found a signed index card for a song on the Bay!

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A very nice lady from church gave me the two McGwire road signs, as I stopped into our local resale shop and bought the Big Mac jersey, and she volunteers there. She told me she had 2 signs I could have, and sure enough, later that week, she dropped them by! So appreciative!

A really awesome day at the mailbox today!!

My friend Luis @Criollos gave me some awesome Negro Leagues cards, 3 of which are from Puerto Rico, which is just awesome!

He also gave me some great Dodgers stadium giveaway cards, super nice, and thanks so much Luis!!

I met Coach Vermeil when he was with the Chiefs. It's no act. He is one of the nicest, most genuine people you could meet.

Dave, that is so awesome and nice to hear! I always loved his calm demeanor during the Greatest Show on Turf years, he always seemed humble and like a great leader, so good to know what a great experience you had getting to meet him!!
Today was a PHENOMENAL day at the mailbox!

Trevor Hoffman was a purchase:

Fred Kipp from the Brooklyn Dodgers was a ttm request:

And then, Phil Jackson gave me the ttm surprise that I will always remember!!