mixed.. really mixed, mailday(s)


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These can in no way compete with the Peyton from my last mailday post, but non the less, here's the latest batch..

First, from a hockey group break:

Rob Ray jersey/swatch/patch thingey.. this bulges like crazy! I tells ya, its insane.. well.. maybe not insane, but its a lot :p


And a Joey Kocur auto
From check out my cards, I bought an couple of Ultimate adds, a Clay Matthews 09 rc base, and an Albert Pujols 09 base, both are on the Quest page in my sig :)

I also picked up..

Dave "Peewee" Herman , leaf mma auto

Randolph Childress Skybox autographics. He was awesome for Wake Forrest, and Ive wanted his auto since he went pro. Which is about 100 years ago :LOL:

Two nice duals of Denvers Finest..

And last but not least, a young DE whom I still think will be awesome someday, he just needs to be let loose..

Michael Johnson 09 Exquisite auto /99
For those of you who don't know who Randolph Childress is, or don't remember him.


He scored 37 in that game against North Carolina, he was named MVP and they won the ACC title with his game winning shot.. But the cross and taunt is prolly what he's know best for, and it happens to be my fave hoops "moment" :D
Nice pick ups for sure, and thanks for posting that video. I'd never seen that. Definitely one of the best crossovers I've EVER seen.