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I'm really not sure how I didn't have a thread up for my HOF PC already, but I couldn't find it if I did. Anyways, there will be one now. I generally only collect 1 card of each player, but my goal is to have as many cards of players already inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as possible. The only stipulations here (and yes, I am picky) is if there is a relic piece on the card it MUST be a "game-worn". I'm not a fan of manufactured patches, or "event-worn" relics.

If you have a card of any HOFers that I don't have, let me know if we can do something! If you have a card of any HOFers that is better than the one I have, I may want that too. Just let me know!

You can see all of the cards in my HOF collection using the links in my signature.

Any scans that are "missing" simply means that I have upgraded to a better card of that player and I either no longer have the "missing" card, or it is in my trade bucket.

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The first card I'm going to show is actually (right now) the only autograph in this collection. I do have another one incoming, and hopefully many more to come.


Ozzie Newsome /82
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Here is a look at some of the freebies I've gotten from guys to help this PC along. These were sent from guys who asked for absolutely nothing in return. Free PC adds are always the most appreciated kind.


Deacon Jones /100


Steve Largent /99


Kellen Winslow Sr. /149
So, I just went out and checked today's mail. To my surprise the other incoming auto was there waiting on me! Check out this beauty I picked up in a trade with @franklinguy52!


Fran Tarkenton /25
Now let's add what might be the best patch card from my entire collection. This one came from either a group break or a raffle, if memory serves me right. Notice the pieces of thread hanging all off the patch. :confused:


Steve Young /50
Let's stick to patches here. I can't say that I love the look of the card but I pulled it from a pack myself, which makes it a little bit sweeter. Let me point out how awesome, and weird, his face mask looks here.


Larry Csonka /49
nice stuff mike

yes csonka wor ethe old fullback style helmet! but the relic must be from an allstar game

That's what I was thinking too. I wasn't even sure if they used "patches" back then. I thought they just painted everything on. At least I know it wasn't altered after it came out of the pack, which I guess still doesn't mean it's "real". :cautious: