Michelle Wie

Was Michelle Wie really injured?

  • Yes, she must have hurt it during the round

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  • No, her manager told her to withdraw

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Bench Warmer
Michelle Wie pulled out of the LPGA tournament yesterday, citing a wrist injury. She was +14 after 16 holes, including a 10 on a par 5 when she cranked one off of a car in the parking lot. If she would have bogied the last two, she would have ended up with an 88, which means she would be banned from LPGA tournaments for the rest of the season. Her manager flagged her down after 16, talked to her, then she withdrew. So I guess her manager is the only one that knows if her wrist is hurt or not? IMO, this is complete garbage. Her handlers have screwed her up the last 3-4 years, so why stop now. What kind of lesson does this teach her? When the going gets tough and your back is against the wall, just quit?
i agree its kinda messed up what her entourage is doing to her, but very smart business decision by her to withdraw. She will catch a small amout of flack for doing so but it would have been 10 times worse if she was banned for the rest of the yr. I'm almost sure that most endorsement deals have some type of performance/profiency clause in them.
Very smart move on the managers part saving Wie from much embarassment. Yeah she will catch some crap for pulling out early but still a smart move.
Crazy thing about her pulling out of that tourney is that two days later she was playing practice rounds at the next event. The head of LPGA and Annika Sorenstam both ripped into her in the media about her poor decision to pull out. Stating that if she was really hurt then there was no way that she would be doing practice rounds two days later at the next tourney.

Also, recently heard that she was in a pro-am round before one of the tourneys. This is where three people pay a TON of money to play with a pro. They said after the round that she was rude and totally acted as if she didn't want to be there and was really a bitch. This is what happens when you get spoiled at a young age.