Michael Vick finally Indicted for dog fighting

wow i knew it was just a matter of time. when they did the last search of the property, they looked like they were fishing for evidence. i wonder if they actually came up with something to actually physically connect him to it.
I hope that even if they aren't able to get enough evidence to convict him that the NFL will still suspend him. Go Harrington!
Honestly, from all the information that I've heard, I think he's guilty. Even if he's not convicted. I've lost any respect for him.
I never thought I would be rooting for Joey Harrington to start.;)

i don't think anyone did

i guess this means that since they indicted him, they found evidence he wasn't as innocent as he says he was. guess he's not gonna be able to brush it all off on his cousin now. or his cousin ratted on him