Miami Heat interested in ARTEST?


Bench Warmer
I hope they get them or someone BESIDES the LAKERS lol... I guess with Marion's $17.1million deal expiring it's a good option for Miami... L.A. would more than likely have to give up Odom and I'm not sure they will do that
Artest on the court is an awesome all around producer. Greatly undervalued defensive talent. High blocks count for size and position. Versatility and volatility, sometimes a liability, but full of ability. He's less a risk than Rasheed Wallace if you ask me. If he stays in check with anger issues he'd be a steal for anyone. A team with good depth and salary room would be foolish to pass on him for a discount rate.
I hope they get them or someone BESIDES the LAKERS.... I know that comment is directed toward me. I think if Artest has anything to say about it (and he will) he won't be going anywhere except LA. He is good friends with Kobe AND Odom. He even showed up to support them in the NBA finals. For another team to get him, he will have to sign an extension. He won't sign one unless he gets what he wants.
where do you think he fits in in L.A.? whats your starting 5? and who would they give up for him? or are they signing him out right?