Mega uber huge delayed mail day!


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Phew!.. here it is.. awful quality and all... and awfully long.. and.. a trainwreck lol, but its done! and the right way up this time :p

And a big thank you to Troy, Bats and Sam for the freebies in this vid. And Mike too.. for storing and (finally) sending me the cards :D

fleener (1).jpgfleener2.jpggraham_au_001.jpghilton.jpghilton2.jpgmoore.jpg
Oh, and one of cats wouldn't stop yelling for food during this.. so. yeah, this went horribly wrong :LOL:
Nice mail day video! The funny part about you getting all those cards from me after almost a year is that you haven't even gotten them all yet! :LOL: In fact, I found some more a few weeks ago that I forgot I even had. I'm sure when you get them you'll be like "oh, wow, that's right" too. Haha!
Added some of the better new cards, that can actually be nominated, using the handy TCZ upload a file option.. Click em to view em bigger :)