Mail day 7/14/07. Not too bad. Two more!


Bench Warmer
Two more for the CM Auto set in. Palko from Nick Marichino cherry, Breaston from ebay.

The Breaston ebayer had a couple nice deals in his store too:

06 Finest Ben Obomanu Black RC #d 91/99
06 Chrome Deion Branch Blue Refractor #d 14/150
05 Longevity Deion Branch Emerald patch #d 10/50

To me, anytime I can find a 2 color Branch patch for under 5 dlvd, I get it!

Thanks for looking :cool:
WOO HOO! Great stuff, Chris! More Seahawks = :cheers::cheers::cheers:

Love the Branch patch. Now if I can get mine from this slow-a$$ bastard seller on eBay.. I might trump that :lollol::lollol::lollol: