Lots of Bucket Additions, Let's trade!


Bench Warmer
Just added 22 Autos & GU'd to my bucket. Check it out and lmk what anyone is interested in. Send me your list or bucket too and I'll check on them tonight after work!

Thanks > Craig
interested in the Meriweather autos, Ben Watson Auto. My bucket's not complete. WI can see what I have for your teams in your sig.
LMK on these.




Also...when did you get your Donruss EEE basketball autos? I still havent got mine.
L23v7: I actually just picked the Donruss EEE's at a show so I don't know when they got them. ;) I'm just going to list you the cards I like as I'm off to bed now, we can look up bvs, etc. tomorrow and see if anything works...

Rodney Stuckey Autographics Auto
Michael Jordan Hardcourt GU
Sean May Elevation GU/25
Adrian Peterson Threads GU

Thanks > Craig