Lot Of 700 Cards Fs!!!


Bench Warmer
Hey guys,
I'm moving to a new house in a few weeks:D Was clearing up ym cards and debarting which I should keep or not. Well now I have a lot of about 700 or even more base cards from the 90's all the way till now. I will be looking for 30$ delivered. If you make each card 5 cents each it comes out to 35$ + shipping..I could easily charge 45$ but Ill go with 30$. Im desperately tryikng to get rid of these.

recchifan said:
any chacne you have anything of Recchi available?

Sorry, did not check and will not check. I believe there are several Recchi's but I plan on selling the whole lot as one peice. I wont start trading 12 cards to people here and there. Sorry, unless you will purchase the whole lot for 30$