Baseball Looks like Miguel Cabrera to Detroit


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Doesn't Florida usually wait until they win the WS before they start trading and getting rid of their players to build the next crop?

a few years down the road I think this will be an even trade but right now, it looks pretty dang good for Detroit


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Miggy will have a good year, more than likely. But Det. will still stink horribly. It's what they do best.


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southhawks23 said:
correctamundo :D

Ahh, what silliness ;)

I have $5g's that says the Detroit Tigers do not win the World Series in 2008. Or if that's too much for any of you young bucks we can go $100. Whatever. Either way it's $$ in the bank for me lol

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Boo hoo.

You should be happy. Detroit is now Loaded in a soon to be WEAK central.

Yes the Indians are good, but Minnesota is going to lose Santana, and the White Sox are going down hill.

Detroit has Maggs, Granderson, Sheffeild, Polanco, IROD, Jacque Jones, Verlander, Rogers, Bonderman, and there 2 newest stars.

If Detroit doesn't win 90 games with Leyland there is a problem.

And your on Crack if you think they can't win.


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BSC said:
Never happen, that spot is reserved for the Indians...........:p

This true ;) Clev. will win a WS before the Dejunk Tigers do :)

Anyone that thinks otherwise - put your money where your mouth is. Till then....meh, not even worth it LOL