Looking for the worst of the worst


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
Kerry Collins
Gino Guidugli
Brandon Archer
Brandon Browner
Mike Hass
Bill Swancutt
Danny Farmer
Chris Redman
Walter Reyes
'05 PP Red Ink Auto's....
Browns cards (inc. Tim Couch :eek:)
Josh McCown
Danny Orlovsky
Steptoe (WR, Arizona Wildcats...'07 RC)
maybe Charlie Whitehurst

LMK, fellas & ladies

- Dave.
I still nab a Means tough pull, from time to time. Some guy on eBay back when (and maybe on the Mag site: Meansfan) and I always got in bidding wars. I sold him a ton of tough stuff back 5 / 6 years ago. Sad thing is, he lives in the D.C. area, not near UNC or S.D. or Jacksonville, so Natrone's two biggest non-related fans are in D.C. and Minnesota.

I still collec the rest though. :confused: