Looking for Barry Sanders base.



I'm putting together a little something for my brothers and I need Barry Sanders base cards. I have some paypal and I have some Game Used cards I'd trade for them. If at all possible I'd really like to get some larger lots if possible.

Let me know what you've got and what you need.
I sold about 100 different Barry Sanders cards on eBay a few months ago, I will see if I still have any.. (probably have about 40-50 different base+inserts I am guessing.... if I can find them)
hopefully it gets decent bid :cheers: best card in there is probably the bowman chrome refractor, BV is $25 on that
7. One question thou. Is that 41 of that LCM card? Any idea how much you want for them?

:scratch: 41 :scratch: the most of any card in there is 8

i can only guess that you think i tabbed wrong or something, its a 2000 LCM the card number is CGT 4 and i have 1

i didnt look around to see how sanders lots do, but im hoping for around $50 on it, depends on if it goes into a bidding frenzy though...