Lebron Sweet Shot r/c, grade it?


retired hippie
I pulled a LJ Sweet Shot r/c back when & just put it away till today. Upon close inspection the card looks to have a shot at BGS 9.5 or xx forbid a Pristine 10. BV on the card is (or should say was) $150 the last time I checked. It's a true rookie card & limited to 799 copies.

My question for the board is - If the card were graded & came back either a 9.5 or a 10 what would that do to the value of the card? double it? More?

I'm considering grading it and selling if they continue to do well in the playoffs & wanted some opinions as to what a good grade would do to the value.

thanks all who care to answer & if you don't think it's worth the trouble lmk.
I dont know basketball cards too well.. so here's the plan. Get it graded. If it comes back a 9.5 or higher GIVE it to me! Ya know, a little donation. Or a celebration of something.. :D