Lakers looking to knot it up tonight.


Bench Warmer
Lakers looking to make it 2-2 tonight at home. What do you guys think will be happening? I think that Odom is going to break out tonight and start scoring. I also look forward to a big game from Walton. I see the Boston big three coming out of the slump though.
Pretty much what happened in game 1 & 2 and what will happen in game 5 :D

I expect Kobe to shoot more in game 5.
I think Pierce might get a big D assignment on Kobe because he did an awesome job in the second half.

Not expecting much from Pierce for the next game.
how fitting that it was a 24 point deficit that was over come ;)

AWWWWWWWWWWWW how sweet of them to let it get to KOBE's #
BEFORE coming back and beating them LOL