Joey Harrington named starting QB for the 08 season....

I'd say its Harrington or Culpepper. I'd like to see Shockley, but I don't think that'll happen anytime soon.
Always surprised at the Harrington bashing. He basically had the same QB rating as Kitna the previous two seasons, and a better record, but Lions fans act like Kitna is the second coming of Dan Fouts. They had no running game last year. You're telling me Harrington couldn't have put up 21 TDs and 22 INTs and led the Lions to a 3-13 record. Look at what Garcia did when he got out of that hellhole.

I'm on record as saying the Falcons will very quickly forget about Michael Vick and Matt Schaub with Harrington behind center.

And I say this as a Harrington hater for taking Mike McMahon's job:doh: I should have been him sucking for the Lions from 2002-2005.
Falcons have already stated they have no interest in Dante. Joey outperformed him last year after not getting any reps with the first team all preseason and being thrown in for game 5.
Honestly you guys can :ban: me , or think that i'm :drunk: and :pukerr:ing but I think all jokes aside this may be the turning point in Joey's career. He has the tools and I think Petrino is the RIGHT coach and will gonna gear the offense towards those tools instead of making him learn a system that doesn't fit. I mean he made Redman look like a star.

And to be honest Crumpler's fantasy stock has just jumped in my mind , he always got the yeards now maybe he'll get the TD's to go along with it.
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guess we will be able to find out if he can really play

it's hard to judge a qb accurately when they have no O line and they are rushed every play or laying on thier backs. Once you get a decent O line in front of him, he could produce nicely. Look at Alex Smith, got thrown to the wolves his rookie year, had no O line, spent the whole season laying down. but during the first offseason, they got him some players to give him time to throw the ball and he had a decent sophomore season.