Javaris Crittenton's & Kobes


Bench Warmer
Hi guys new member here from australia looking to get my Javaris collection up and running and also looking to see what kobes are floating around here. Let me know whatcha got.
Hi, I have these cards for you.
96-97 Hoops RC
96-97 Topps RC
02-03 Topps Top Tandems (with Shaq)
02-03 UD I love LA #13
06-07 Bowman
06-07 Topps Own the Game
97-98 Fleer Tiffany Collection bv60
03-04 UD All-Star Die Cut bv60

Javaris Crittenton
Topps 50th anniversary RC
Ultra RC

Kenyon Martin
00-01 Fleer Focus Welcome to the NBA
01-02 Topps Heritage
03-04 UD Victory
04-05 Flair
04-05 Skybox LE
04-05 UD Hardcourt
01-02 UD Hardcourt Floor
02-03 SPX Winning materials dual with R.Jefferson
02-03 Flair Court Kings Jersey

LMK what u need from this list. Thanks
Sportsguyryan do u collect everything bulls ie, base, inserts etc? I've go a sefalosha autofocus in my bucket and bound to have something else laying around.

Kobe080 I'm trying to stay clear on KMart base and really only after patches and autos, i need both the javaris rc's and also like the kobe diecut but doubt i would have anything in my bucket for u at the moment but have a look anyway
I need the Sefolosha. I have these. Let me know if you are interested in doing a Bulls base / insert / RC tradeoff for your guys as well, if possible.

- 2003/04 Fleer Authentix Kobe Bryant Ticket Studs
- 2003/04 Upper Deck Ovation Kobe Bryant Standing-O Die Cut
- 2003/04 Topps Finest Kenyon Martin GU
- 2007/08 Upper Deck Javaris Crittenton RC