Is there possibly anybody here interested in Chicago/Giants tickets?


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I know a few here are from around Chicago

We have Caddilac Club tickets 4 of them to be exact that we need to get rid of.

Bears/Giants this Sunday

Face is 235 per ticket

So 940+10 dollars for shipping=950 Delivered

I know Grant is suppose to be at this game.

Only selling for Paypal at this point as it is so close.

Thought I'd take a HUGE long shot and see if anybody here needs them.

Comes with a Waldron Deck Parking Pass


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Lol, hasn't been easy and its almost too late to sell now. I can't go, and my dad can't go so my brother is turning 18 the 1st so dad might just let him take some friends. He isn't even a Bears fan he's a packer fan but regardless it still should be fun.