Introducing the TCZ Award System


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During TCZ's first life we used an award system to congratulate, and thank, members for certain accomplishments and tasks throughout the site. It was a fairly big hit then, so we have decided to bring it back. The number of awards each member has won will be displayed in the postbit, under their avatar. To see more details on the awards that they have won, view their profile and click on the "Awards" tab. We'll work on getting a standalone page set up for viewing each member's awards, but for now they'll only be visible in their profiles.

I'll try to also announce each new award, and a little bit of information about it in this post, as they are added to the awards list.
The first award is one that some of our older members have likely seen before. The icon looks a little different, but the concept is still the same.

Spread the Word

This award is given to members who help spread the word about TCZ whether it be through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, your own personal website or blog, or any other method. If you feel like you deserve this award, but don't have it listed in your profile, please let me (or a member of the Support Team) know and we'll look into it.
The next award is one that will be given out every month, obviously. Everyone who has already won, since the site was created, has already received their award.

Card of The Month 2012

Obviously this award is given to every member who wins a Card of The Month contest. This is just a look at January's award. All of the 2012 CoTM awards will look the same, with only the month being different. Also, if you win multiple months you will be given multiple awards (like Zimmy for example).
LOL :D Those commercials are pretty funny.EDIT... hey I just saw that I got that award. And here I am thinking I never win anything!

Gracias. But I hope there is no "oldest guy on the site" award.

Just a little thanks for linking to us from your blog, Bob.

Oh, by the way, I'm thinking perhaps we should add a "senior citizen" award. :LOL:
2 awards, my "Link the Ink" coins and the baseball box break all in one day. I am not sure I can handle the excitement!:p
Here is the next award, and probably the last one we'll share today.

Bright Idea

This award will be given to members who suggest an idea for a change, or a new feature, that eventually gets implemented on the site. To get the award, the idea has to be something that has never been discussed in any threads on TCZ before your mentioning of it.