2013 First Annual TCZ Awards


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As the title says, this year we will be holding our first annual TCZ awards! There will be several different categories that members will be able to nominate and vote on, as well as loads of prizes to be handed out to all of the winners!


The nomination process will start on December 1 and last throughout the entire month of December. At some point after December 31 (I won't try to guarantee that anything gets done on January 1) there will be polls posted for each category. The voting will last 2-4 weeks. The nominee with the most votes wins!


Card of The Year - This will be a poll with the top 10 Card of The Month winners. So the only way to win CoTY is to have once before won CoTM.

Member of the Year - This can be anyone on the site (not including staff).

Trader of the Year - This is not necessarily the member who completes the most trades. This could be any member who is just fun and easy to trade with, regardless of how many total trades they've completed.

Rookie of the Year - To be eligible here, the member must have joined the site in the year 2013.

Thread of the Year - This will be given to the first post in any thread that has the most likes.

Post of the Year - This award will be given to the post that receives the most likes. If it is the first post in a thread, however, it cannot win this award. Those posts will be considered for Thread of the Year.

For these next several categories, only cards that were displayed on TCZ at some point during the year are eligible for nomination. I won't provide explanations because they're all mostly self explanatory.

Best Autograph Card
Best Memorabilia Card
Best Insert (Non-Autograph/Mem) Card
Best Vintage Card

These next categories are self explanatory too. Just like the card categories, to be eligible for nomination on the following categories, these collections must have been shared somewhere on TCZ.

Best Team Collection
Best Player Collection
Best Set Collection

Additional Notes

Like I said above, everyone who wins any of these categories will win a prize. We're still unsure exactly what those prizes will be but there could be hobby boxes, eBay gift cards, and much more. My advice would be to simply get involved as much as possible in the site to ensure that you have a chance at being nominated for one or all of these categories.

Good luck everyone!
ok mike just pass the award to me for best player collection. By the end of the year in going to have thee russel Wilson collection and I will get franklinguys auto from him.........yes I called u out lol
Looking forward to this, hopefully we'll have a really strong second half of the year to really boost everything up :)
I'd like to thank all those who voted for me for the most sarcastic of the year. I love you guys thanks.:D:cool:

I probably won cheapskate of the year award. :ROFLMAO:o_O:ROFLMAO:
Just wanted to let everyone know that the 1st annual TCZ awards are underway! The nominations have begun. For those of you who haven't been nominated for a category that you feel like you should have been, I would recommend that you "remind" members that you deserve a nomination and make a push by remaining active, sharing cards that you haven't shared with us yet, updating some of your "PC" threads, etc. When all that fails, a simple post saying "man I sure wish this card could get nominated for X" might work. ;)

There is still plenty of time to get yourself nominated!

Good luck everyone!
Thanks, everyone, for your nominations. The TCZ Awards forum will be hidden from public view for now, while we get all the nominations sorted and polls posted. The voting should begin on Monday, and will last approximately 4 weeks.