Intersting things from Panthers camp


Bench Warmer
Thought these were interesting:

Steve Smith only signs for kids (which I knew). However, his nex policy includes no 8x10s or helmets. He also will not sign a rookie card. It has to be 2nd year or after. I learned this policy today when I asked him to sign my Topps rookie and he told me. I thought this was a little weird of a policy.

Dalton Bell (UFA QB from West Texas A&M) signs for whoever wants him. Well there was pretty much no one there when he finished after staying after practice working on rolling out of the pocket. I asked him to sign the index ccard I made. He did and commented on the college pic. So I asked him what it was like to have Ryan Leaf as his coach and he said that it was "different" and said the Leaf was a "awkward cat." This humored me a little.