Interesting Etopps this week

This week etopps features some interesting cards. They started this thing called cards that never were and this weeks cards are a Joe Dimaggio, Nolan Ryan, and Alex Rodriguez first year cards. They look sweet and also should be doing autos at some point and time. Not sure if they will be worth it or not, but its definitly a cool idea. Plus Justin Upton is the RRO this week.
Upton is a money maker as for the others not sure it really depends on how many people want of them .
Got a Ryan and an Upton.

The Classics Ryan sells for $6.00 and has a PR of 4000, this has a PR of 1200 for $10 or so, I'll take it!:salut:
i did the 3 cards that never were, is dimaggio still alive?...arod is a good signer for topps brands i think, and the nolan should be hot out of the gate...remember with that i would imagine that 'recent' activity is kinda slow, but when it was first released it was probably pretty the A&G president set...