I can't believe what I saw today!!!!!


Bench Warmer
I am almost sure I saw a shop owner put a box on a scale!!!! He asked told me he would open a box of Chrome so Icould by a few packs....He only sold by the box and loose retail packs......so after I said yes, he walks to the other end of the store and sets the box down behind a mag rack as he speaks to another customer......picks the box back up, then picks up what the box was sitting on and tucks it under the register......needless to say, I opened some packs anyways and OK.....Ipulled a Sinorice blue ref. and a gold Dante Hall.....and the best card of all.....a Ingle Martin auto:lollol::lollol:....anyways, dont think his scale could tell him if it was a good auto or not if he did in fact use one.....I may be wrong.
Could have been weighing for a press plate... but if I saw someone do that I would tell him to shove it and walk out of the store.
I couldn't imagine there being much of a weight difference......oh well.....karma will come back on them eventually......after all he's an Arizona Cardinals fan:lollol::lollol: that was for all of my Seahawk fan buddies on here;)