Huge Tradelist Over 4,000 Cards Organized


Bench Warmer
Huge Updated Tradelist Over 4,000 Cards Organized

Please take a look at my list in my sig. It is a huge list but pretty well organized. I really like making big trades but small ones are fine also.
I am currently looking for Alot of different players so if you have a tradelist send it my way because i also pick cards up for a lot of different people. I will look over your tradelist thoroughly as you did mine because i dont want to miss anything. I dont mind trading gameused and autos for inserts because if its something i need I will try to get it. with all that being said thanks for your time and happy trading
Got quite a few trades done and looking to do a lot more..... Thanks to the ones who have dealt with me and to the many more that are going to...And remember you can trade with confidence with me i am a part of 5 trade sites with over 150 positives and no negatives and my name is the samme on every sie... Thanks again for looking....