cards for sale

I'm continuing to try to reduce the amount of cards that I have on hand! PC is not available!!!
I would like to give you guys a chance to pick up any cards you might need at very reasonable prices.
All the cards on my site links under base, $1 - $4 base, and insert are available for up to 90% off BV, minimum $ .10 per card.
I will also add the cost of shipping to the final price! I'm also willing to sell all other cards on my site at reasonable prices!
If interested in anything please let me know. I would also trade in your favor for autos of the players on my want list.

Thanks for the read!
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how much for these ?
Yordan Alvarez
Donruss #11 DK
Topps #400
Topps Heritage #189
Topps Chrome #18 Pink Refractor
Topps Holiday HW183 Metallic
Topps Stars of MLB #45
God bless