HUGE shoutout to kadillac style & Andy


scuba steve

first, I sent Andy a bunch of refractors, but he told me wasn't going after them as much so he sent them back. Classy move. I appreciate the honesty, but he sent me back something else with them:

Pristine Uncirculated /750
Finest blue refractor /299
Bowman Chrome xfractor /250
Bowman Chrome Red Refractor

Then kadillac style sent me a TON of great stuff:

Manning/Mcnair toe to toe /450
Kearse Rookie Glory
McNair Zoned In
Eddie George Adrenaline Rush
Eddie George Run To History
Steve McNair Omega /51



I made a post about yale lary stuff and he sent this jersey card to me. I really appreciate everything from both you guys. Thanks a ton.:salut: