Year in Review 2016


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as we get to that time of year again, its time for me to look back on the year that was...flipping was slow, and there are 2 reasons, #1 WORK (ive put in around 2300 hours for the year and had about 40 days total off), and #2 eBay...many months where id get under 1000 FREE game only gets by because of multi-item buyers, as I sell lots of stuff for under $5...most of 2015 I would get 2000+ free listings a month, this year there were a number of months where I would only get 50 or 100 listings, which makes selling slow...

so here are some of my purchases on the year...

437 autos/relics including 5 Contenders Erik Ainge (SP to 108), Contenders Bryce Petty, 2003 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor Auto Kyle Boller /10, and many Mike Gillislee items (he did have 2 TDs last week which brought me ZERO sales)

2012 Olympic
12 assorted base autos and
PSA 10 Natalie Coughlin Base AU
Alex Morgan Bronze AU /50
Amanda Beard Champions AU
Natalie Coughlin Base AU

Relics (Manufactured)
Coughlin Flag Patch
Coughlin Event Pin
Lochte Event Pin
Sacramone Team Pin
Wambach Team Pin
2 assorted Team Pins
2 assorted Team Rings Patch

Relics Worn
Nastia ]x3
Tyson Gay (SSP)
Lolo Jones (SSP)
Missy Franklin
Misty May
6 assorted (common to semistar)

Lolo Jones Bronze /75
Misty May Bronze /75

Ryan Lochte Silver /50 4 CLR
Missy Franklin Silver /50
Jordan Weiber Silver /50 2 CLR

Nastia Gold /25

I am slowly working on putting together a set of the 2012 worn relics (base, bronze, silver, gold), its a large set, im late to start, and some are very hard to find, and when they do surface, they aren't cheap...remember, I don't 'pay' or anything, flipping pays for everything, like it has since 2008

Random Things
2012 Americana Bronze Proof Relic Alex Morgan /99 2 CLR
2013 Topps Allen & Ginter Julia Mancuso AU
17 SLU figures with Jordan
2014 Goudey Champions Relic Lindsey Vonn
2013 Leaf Pop Century Auto Chelsie Hightower
2012 Americana Hope Solo USWNT Jersey
2015 Topps Rose Namajunas Auto
2012 Americana USWNT AU/JSY Alex Morgan /59

2014 Topps Olympic
1 Sochi Pins
1 Sochi Patches
3 Team Rings

6 Assorted Base Relics +
2 Lindsey Vonn (SSP)
2 Bode Miller (SSP)

7 Assorted Bronze Relics /75

11 Assorted Silver Relics /50

13 Gold Relics /25
Ted Ligety
Louie Vito
Steven Holcomb
Shani Davis
Meryl Davis
Kelly Clark
Hilary Knight x2
Hannah Teter
Bode Miller
Julia Mancuso
Ashley Wagner
Lindsey Vonn

still working that set, have 6 or 7 left, 32 card set, but I have most of the BIG names

12 Assorted Autos +
Gracie Gold
Ashley Wagner
Lolo Jones
Jamie Anderson

5 Assorted Bronze Autos /50
4 Assorted Silver Autos /30
1 Gold Auto, Gracie Gold /15

2014 Topps Rainbow Relics 1/1 Meryl Davis

and for your 2016 Topps Olympic
Coughlin Silver Auto
Coughlin Crest Patch
Coughlin Silver Auto
Coughlin Crest Relic
Coughlin Silver Auto
Coughlin Champions /50
Coughlin 2016 Flag
Coughlin Base Auto
Coughlin Bronze Auto 2016
Coughlin Rainbow AU/Relic 1/1
Coughlin Flag
Coughlin AU/JSY /50
Coughlin Relic
Coughlin Champions /25
Coughlin Bronze AU JSY /25
Coughlin Gold Relic
Coughlin Silver Relic

well that sums up eBay buys for the year...I had a couple of buys off blowoutcards, but I don't worry about those....they do factor into my yearly totals which I haven't done yet, but the stuff listed above is stuff that I still currently have...there have been other buys but I flipped them already...

best buy of the year...
2014 Topps Olympic Bronze Auto Jamie Anderson $1.50 on COMC, took delivery of it with some other Olympic stuff I picked up on the site (also not included in the above) and sold it for $49.99 on eBay

I also busted 2 cases of 2014 Topps Olympics and I have 1 single box of 2014 Topps Olympics headed my way now, those also are not included in the above stuff...

I did ok with selling as you can see, as I bought all of that with a total of $0 to start my year in paypal...I did put a few bucks back, I have 300+ cards that will be hitting COMC in 2-3 weeks (fees paid from flipping), and I currently have a few bucks in paypal in the event something nice hits in the next couple weeks...

also I currently have 1400+ items listed, and I just got another 500 any style promo, so it has been a good month
did some counting this morning

+196 football autos (doesn't count Boller, this is simply stuff I list on eBay)

+10 Olympic autos (doesn't count PC stuff, again, just stuff I list on eBay) so you can tell I sold some stuff, the lead up to the Summer Games was nice, and I didn't really have all that much 2012 stuff...the lead up to the 2018 games should be pretty good cause I have quite a bit of 2014 stuff, 186 assorted autos (not counting my Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner stuff that I may list if prices get insane, currently the ONLY pack issued auto listed is one of my flip Wagner's, there aren't any Gracie's, I have 11 total and 3 are /15)...660 relics (plus the 122 I have as part of the base/bronze/silver/gold sets)

hopefully in 2017 I decline the FB auto numbers, as I do have too many cards...I recognize that, as I have 3258 (non-PC) autos...and by doing so, increase the amount of actual cash profit for the year...really didn't do much hunting this past year as I stated above, so my stuff continues to get older and in most cases, less desirable...hoping for a good year on COMC, as this year I had 328 cards added to my account, and I have another 800 or so currently in processing due to finish in late Feb...most are inserts/rcs, as I plan to continue to keep the autos/relics going on eBay...with COMC now listing on eBay and Amazon, I think that should increase sales for my low-end stuff, plus there is no storage fee for cards listed for $0.74 on the site...granted they cost $0.25 to get put on the site, and costs a few cents each in shipping to them, then they take 20% when you cash out, really anything that sells for over $0.35 becomes 'profit'...I see this as a decent avenue, especially with the cutbacks on my free listings on eBay...I figure if there was a decent area show with good foot traffic, I have a bunch of stuff that would get interest in various 'cheap' boxes, the $0.10, $0.25 types, so hopefully I can do that on COMC, as it isn't a great market on eBay selling base rookies from like Topps Chrome and such...