Huge High End Auto Sale! Favre, AP, Manning, MJ, + More!!


Bench Warmer
Like the title says all of my autographed cards are for sale, check outmy bucket . If you see something your interested in, which I am sure almost everyone will please send me an offer , pm me, or just let me know which cards and I will send you the price I am thinking for all of the cards you like in a lot and all of them individually. The more you buy the cheaper I can sell them, I am looking to sell them all for a price that is very fair for both the seller and buyer (usually never anywhere near full book value). They should all be in my org by now, the prices there are about what I am looking for but like I said the more you buy the cheaper they will be and I can negotiate on all prices! All cards are pack pulled autos authenticated by the card companies , no (In Person) autos. I have autos of almost every big star NFL player (past and present) and a few of the huge stars from othersports. Some of the players include: Favre, both Mannings, Brady,Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben, Tony Romo, Adrian Peterson, ChrisJohnson, Randy Moss, Emmit Smith, Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Dan Marino,Terry Bradshaw, Barry Sanders, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, MarkSanchex, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, Donovan Mcnabb, Sam Bradford, TimTebow, Jimmy Clausen and many more.

NonNFL Players Include; Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Albert Pujols, DerekJeter, Michael Phelps, Rodger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick,Lebron James, Kobe Bryant.

Finally there is no pic in mybucket yet but I also have a 1964 Mickey Mantle Topps card that is ingreat condition for how old it is, I will also be selling that.