Bench Warmer
Somebody told me he tends to like using profanity in the chat, well I caught him & gave a verbal warning. Here's the evidence:

[HockeyFreak1] 7:46 pm: none have a hornsby diamond stars psa 8
[HockeyFreak1] 7:46 pm: u want that
[NattyBoo] 7:46 pm: nope
[HockeyFreak1] 7:47 pm: bv 1200
[NattyBoo] 7:47 pm: I want to know why that 52 bowman nellie fox isn't in the population report on psa's website?
[HockeyFreak1] 7:47 pm: dont ask me i dont work for psa
[NattyBoo] 7:48 pm: there's a big fat 0 next to 10's
[HockeyFreak1] 7:48 pm: psaa
[NattyBoo] 7:49 pm: Hmmm put on ignore, huh?
[NattyBoo] 7:49 pm: hilarious
[General]: NattyBoo has left at 7:51 pm
[General]: NattyBoo has entered at 7:51 pm
[NattyBoo] 7:52 pm: anyone got any psa 11's?
[HockeyFreak1] 7:52 pm: dont me me b***h *** whore
[HockeyFreak1] 7:52 pm: mock
[tigsfan] 7:53 pm: Watch the language
[reggiebush25] 7:53 pm: u r gay?
[HockeyFreak1] 7:54 pm: sorry tig
Hey Zack

I just got a PM from NattyBoo.

Is it truthfully appropriate to call a woman a b it ch as s whore in the chatroom, and just get off with a wqarning, as another moderator had told me?

I am not going to bag any of the staff to a member - no way.
I will think for a bit on how best to respond to that PM.

Seems that she isn't happy with just a verbal warning given to hockeyfreak1.
I did tell her that's how it's done in all cases, & was about to refer her to BSC or Admin if you want to file a complaint or whatever, but she stopped talking. Through Chat PM:

[NattyBoo->tigsfan] 7:55 pm: so that's what happens when someone calls a woman a b***h *** whore?
[tigsfan->NattyBoo] 7:56 pm: We don't tolerate any foul language here, we warn than suspend
[General]: bblair_2002 has entered at 7:56 pm
[NattyBoo->tigsfan] 7:57 pm: oh, just in case someone was UNAWARE Just in case someone was UNAWARE
[General]: Pacerfine has entered at 7:57 pm
[NattyBoo->tigsfan] 7:57 pm: didn't know any better
[] 7:58 pm: cc a brewer
[NattyBoo->tigsfan] 7:58 pm: any didn't feel an appology was necessary
[NattyBoo->tigsfan] 7:59 pm: just because someone didn't buy their line of crap
[NattyBoo->tigsfan] 7:59 pm: on their PSA10 that is non-existent
[NattyBoo->tigsfan] 7:59 pm: and therefore not in the pop report
I just sent HockeyFreak1 a PM with the following message:

I'm wondering just what your problem is with having to degrade women in an open chat room, or anywhere else for that matter. I saw you're conversation with NattyBoo in the chat today. This is one thing that I will absolutely NOT tolerate. have a choice. You can start a thread with a public apology in the Chit-Chat forum, stating exactly what you did in the chat, (without the profanity), admit that what you did was wrong, apologize directly to NattyBoo for what you said to her, and publicly promise not to ever do it again. Take what heat comes your way in that thread and then take a 7 day suspension.
Or you can take 21 days suspension right off that bat and apologize to her in the chat room while I am there.
Your choice.....I expect an answer within the hour or you'll take the suspension at my discretion.
BSC - Administrator

I'll be sending a PM to NattyBoo shortly
I just had the following conversation with hockeyfreak1 in the chat room:
[HockeyFreak1] 8:29 pm: why u ask
[BSC] 8:29 pm: you know why I ask
[BSC] 8:29 pm: you get my PM???
[HockeyFreak1] 8:30 pm: alot why
[BSC] 8:31 pm: did you get my PM???
[HockeyFreak1] 8:31 pm: just red it
[BSC] 8:31 pm: and????
[HockeyFreak1] 8:32 pm: i will never
apoligze i have no regrets to what i said
[BSC] 8:32 pm: so you think it's perfectly
ok to use that language towards
[HockeyFreak1] 8:32 pm: no
[BSC] 8:33 pm: especially a woman??
[HockeyFreak1] 8:33 pm: but whenu get
mad u swear dont claim her side just
becuase she is a female,
[BSC] 8:33 pm: I don't tolerate that kind of
behavoir toward anyone on this site or
anywhere else
[BSC] 8:34 pm: female or male
[BSC] 8:34 pm: so you're not going to
apologize to her then???
[HockeyFreak1] 8:34 pm: i told u no
[HockeyFreak1] 8:35 pm: do i have to
repeat myself
[HockeyFreak1] 8:35 pm: again
[BSC] 8:35 pm: No you don't
[BSC] 8:35 pm: and neither do I ...........
[HockeyFreak1] 8:35 pm: ok
[BSC] 8:37 pm: bye bye

I just handed him a 30 day suspension for his blatant disregard for site TOS, deliberately using the language he did with another member, deliberate disregard for a Moderator and Mod authority.
Natty for MOTM? lol

That actually sounds good to me...
BSC you mentioned that she donated DOND prizes and she has been pretty active in the forums and Troy did say anyone could nominate a member for MOTM.
Bryan_Mc said:
or is that ZOD authority, which is a damn sight worse!
There really is no ZOD authority.....just a perception of such.
Just not gonna take that kind of crap from someone with no conscience and total lack of responsibility for his actions
I've e-mailed and PM'd NattyBoo with an apology from me for this idiot and let her know that he wouldn't go unpunished ............I really hope she comes back
What a total jerk. Especially the lack of respect toward not only natty but toward Mike. These type of members are useless and I think we have lost nothing by suspending him. With a very few exceptions I always wonder why someone(such as hockeyfan1) is totally opposed to signning up for the trade contest.