Hockey and football group break mail


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
7 (100%)
Mail from 3 breaks..

First up.. Hockey. Both from Captain C..

Pat LaFontaine Jersey.. very.. yellow :blink:

Next, a PC hit. One of two players I collect from the Lightning..

Vincent Le Cavalier Stick/jersey silver version. Silver are #'d /40. Real nice stick piece on this one..

Next up, football.. And a freebie actually. Our fellow member Batman1641, was the host, and my Colts got nothing, so he included a hit anyway.. very cool of you Bats :)

Edwards/Anderson/Winslow Premier triple jersey /65

Different football group now.

Drake Nevis 2011 Sweet Spot RC auto

And last but not least a PC hit again..

Ryan Williams 2011 Press Pass auto

(The red ink versions, I'm told, is /20 :D )