Hey losers, I want these....losers :(


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
Northcutt, Guidugli, Kerry Collins, Brandon Archer....

You know the list. Same clowns as on every other site I've ever been on.


- Dave.
I've got Kerry Collins coming out my buttox; including some 1/1's.

I could trade a stack cheap for some ex-UF-gators, non sport cards, or HOF autos.

Want some scans?
Here's 1 - top left:


Cmix - I've got some Travis Taylor RC jive. Nothing spectacular, but I'll check. Did DRC go there ? Caldwell, the SD / NE WR ? I think he may have, but I haven't looked at his crap in ages. Have a '02 Private Stock Hobby Version RC #'d/17 (w/the GU Ball piece as the #17).

Willy - Everything is as good as it can be here, w/out Theresa and working at a grocery store and cemetery. LMK and I'll check and see if I have any LL cards.....:(

Peace, ya'll

- Dave.