Hey Boys And Girls...


Bench Warmer
i think im getting out of the hobby
i know you guys hear it a lot but im not going on some sob story, im not having any major family problems(not that i am insensitive to those who do have problems, im just telling you thats not what this is) im just getting away from it since i hate opening boxes. they cost too much and i have never pulled anything even remotely good. and i hate singles now since i cant now nor will i ever pay hundreds for an adrian peterson auto
i think im gonna try to expand my memorabilia collection with more mini helmets and jerseys and such

mostly im letting you know because i want to give away whats left of my sad excuse for trade-bait and whatnot

i think this site is almost completely former cp guys(or i hope so since thats who i want to give the freebies to)

just to let you know now im not paying the outrageous prices for bubbler shipping so everything will be packaged nicely and sent via the PWE Express

anybody who wants some,pm me a few guys or your team or your college team and i will try to make some packages then i will ask for your addy

for now im going to bed and i will check back and try to keep up, i think i will still post and read this site since i like the people and the content beyond the cards
hey man, i know exactly what you mean. lately, besides my timmy chang and spencer havner collections, i havent been really interested in anything. i have, however, been looking all over for memorabilia that appeals to me.
anyways, good luck with whatever you decide, and if you have any timmy chang's or spencer havner's, i'd be happy to have any.
I hear you on the reasoning. Even a cheap box is 50-60 and you get absolutely nothing out of it.

If you have some Seahawks stuff lying around, I promise it will go to a great home! :)
im thinking of doing the same thing. cards don't entertain me as much anymore...memorabilia is a lot nicer.

But i'll still take your Rams if you want to give them away :)
Yeah I agree with you. I haven't been buying much of anything the past few months just dont have the money.

I'll take any Chad Johnsons or Titans. :)
Do yourself a favor and hang onto something of sentimental value to you no matter what it's worth. Some of the most fun I've had in the hobby was going through some old O-Pee-Chee hockey sets I built in the late 70's and early 80's. I regret my complete lack of consideration for condition as a kid, but it was a blast to check out all the old names and how into actual "collecting" and trading I was then compared to now.

And you are probably right, memorabilia and such is the way to go. Others can appreciate it with you when displayed as non-hobbyists rarely appreciate cards in any form.
Peterson will be cheaper later, do not lose heart, running backs are hot at first but their prices cool.

but if you are going to do this

Tim Rattay and any and all LSU Tigers!
OVer the past few years, I have been going to more and more minor league games and getting broken bats signed by the players and hats and such signed. It is a lot nicer imo but I still can't shed my wax and single habit. Im trying to, and reserve it to only a select few. But best of luck with whatever you do, and if you have and derek hagan or notre dame laying around, ill give them a home.