Hello all im a New Member! my Name is April

Hope & Faith

Bench Warmer
again my name is april and im a avid collector of sports cards and auto's. i love collecting cards and meeting new people. hope to be a member here for a longtime to come. thanks ~ a
thanks guys im sure it will be a fun palce, ive heard many good things. i am currently a member of scf as well.

southhawks23 - well of course i trade sugar, why would i be on trading sites if i didnt trade :)
Hiya April! Welcome to the site. Glad to have you on board!! :) If you have any questions, or need help with anything please don't hesitate to give me, or one of the other staff members a shout. ;)

welcome to SCF april, please join us thursday and sunday nights at 9pm eastern in the chat room, for trades,discussion, contests, and more!

hope to make a deal with you in the future