HA HA! Long boring read....


Bench Warmer
Ok...a little selling story I thought Id pass along......

Some guy hits me up via email and says someone told him that I had the autograph set for the American Chopper guys. I told him I did etc etc blah blah.

He comes at me asking how much ea and how much for the set.

I wanted to break even at least so I told him 225.00 for all 5, and if he got them sep...it would have been 250+ and worth my while to break the set.

He comes back offering 150 for 3 of em and going below what I needed for ea one.

I passed and decided to put em on ebay. After theyre on ebay, he says Ok Ill buy the set for 225. I didnt reply.....

So on ebay, he hits me up, not knowing its me because the ebay id isnt the one I had used to talk with him. He asks how much for the set. I tell him my best offer is 300.00 for the set if I end early and I told him I hadnt heard back from that guy but if he could match it, SOLD!

He doesnt reply but goes back to my other email acct trying to buy em again. I told him I set my prices and he wanted to shoot lower and that I wasnt interested. I got an excuse about thats all he could afford but now he can afford more etc etc.

I didnt tell him I put em on ebay, I just said after I passed on his offer I started talks with someone else. He then hits me with the 300.00 offer and I glady accepted.

I went from what would have been 225 to 300 shipped because he wanted to play hardball.:cheers::salut: