Free cards


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They are both redemptions from 11-12 Artifacts. Rookie wild card redemptions. 1st 2 people to respond to this thread, will each get a redemption code to put into Upper Deck's site. Sound good? I'll be putting more contests up later on.
That is very nice of you! I already recieved the number and got a Dmitry Orlov Artifacts Rookie redemption card!
Thanks Jon! I also received the code and received a #234 Lennart Petrell RC!

Card is in stock also, I redeemed a Matt Read back in December, and just updated as in stock last week, doubt they'll mail both at the same!

Great contest Jon, I hope to start one up myself, stay tuned!
No prob, it was my 2 year anniversary with my fiance and figured I would give something away for a change.
Well Congrats Jon! Hope many more years to come for you and your fiance!

Thanks so much for the Redemption card!

keep that Shea Webber PC in mind for you!