Fantasy Draft #1 is complete


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I just finished my draft in a 12 team league where I had the #6 pick, here is how I did...

First off will be my starters, followed by my 6 bench players

QB - Phillip Rivers
RB - Adrian Peterson
RB - Reggie Bush
WR - Andre Johnson
WR - Marquis Colston
WR - Torrey Smith
TE - Jason Witten
DST - Baltimore Ravens
K - Mason Crosby

Bench Players
Mike Williams (TB)
Knowshown Moreno
Andy Dalton
Santana Moss
Donald Brown
Dallas Cowboys DST
Pretty good. AP and A. Johnson are gonna give you issues injury-wise. Colts should run a lot at first so Brown is a nice backup at RB.

Moss could be hit or miss. I see RGIII checking down a lot and not going deep too often. Mike Williams is a volume guy and Vincent Jackson will get a lot of looks so that'll limit Willilams' value.