Fan catches 2 homerun balls!


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You can consider yourself pretty luck if you've ever caught a homerun ball in a big league ballpark. For this fan, though, I'm not sure what you can call it. Watch this video as this Cincinnati Reds fan catches not 1, but 2, homerun balls off of back-to-back batters. As the sportscaster says, this guy should be on a plane to Vegas. Ok, maybe not. He could at least go buy a lottery ticket though.

This was a great story, and if I read this correctly, I heard that he gave both balls away. One went to Mike Leake and the other to the person that gave him the ticket
I watched the game last night and they said that he is a local college student and he did give the balls away. It was Leake's first homer and the video shows him giving the other away. In return, the Reds made him an honorary captain last night and he recieved plenty of memorabilia in return, but he did not ask for any of it. They said that he was just stunned to be able to meet some of the players. This is a great story!