COMPLETE! 2023 Topps JROD x Topps 2 Collector's Box Group Break


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JROD.jpgJ-ROD Show Out Collection Collector's Boxes
This is going to be for 2 factory sealed Collector's Boxes!
2023-Topps-X-J-Rod-The-Show-Out-Collection-Baseball-Cards-Base-Ronald-Acuna-Jr.jpeg2023-Topps-X-J-Rod-The-Show-Out-Collection-Cards-Fountain-of-Youth-Adley-Rutschman.jpgs-l1600 (1).jpgs-l1600.jpg

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Watch the video of Julio making the product here vvvvvvvvvvv

Checklist and Box information
What to expect in a collectors box: Autographs – 1 Inserts or Parallels – 9

Team Style Auction Break, once the total reaches $450, this will be filled.

***Boxes are in hand***

Prices include shipping and Paypal F&F is preferred, however if you want to pay by G&S, please note I charge a 4.9% fee on top of your spot.
There is a no skunk rule as well. If you buy a spot and your team doesn't hit, you'll still walk away with something!

Note: Tampa Rays/Oakland A's have been lumped into a group spot. Guardians/Cubs have been lumped into a spot. Marlins/Mets have been lumped into a group spot. Jays/Phillies have been lumped into a group spot. Pirates & Rockies & Nationals do not have cards.

Orioles $41 mcgwirenut
Red Sox $32 LarryG
Yankees $32 mcgwirenut
Rays/A's $5 peaceandlove
Blue Jays/Phillies $7 chavezforprez
Twins $3 peaceandlove
Royals $16 zlw1
Tigers $20 zlw1
White Sox $6 LarryG
Astros $5 Therion
Rangers $16 zlw1
Angels $29 LarryG
Mariners $100 AndyDrummond
Braves $28 zlw1
Mets/Marlins $7 chavezforprez
Cardinals $28 peaceandlove
Brewers $5 aspoe093
Guardians/Cubs $7 chavezforprez
Reds $5 aspoe093
Padres $14 mcgwirenut
Dodgers $25 LarryG
Giants $6 LarryG
Diamondbacks $14 Eliatack



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I would like this to fill. Random teams don’t seem to be doing much… anyone interested in auction style for teams or anything? I’m open for conversation.
After taking a long hard look at this one, I've redone this to a team break because I didn't see so many teams with so little cards/or none at all.. That was a boneheaded mistake and why this wasn't filling.

I've redone this to a team break that SHOULD fill now. All teams listed have cards, and those that are single teams have at least 1 possible autograph.

$450 total for the group break. The Mariners should go for nearly 1/4 of the break buy in alone considering their possibilities are endless but there are a couple of other teams that may not rival the card count, but have equally as incredible possible hits to be pulled!
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I'll get some bids in:
Orioles $25
Red Sox $25
Rays/A's $3
Tigers $5
Mariners $60
Cardinals $20
Dodgers $25