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for those of us with some points i have a few suggestions of what you should look for...

Joe Theisman
Jim Plunkett
Reggie Bush

those 3 im 99% sure will have an auto offering

Mario Williams
Joseph Addai
Maurice Jones Drew

those 3 have had a bit of a price spike the past few weeks, i know there are insiders that are in the know, so those are potential upcoming autos

Craig Biggio
A Rod

Not sure what cards that they have out, im pretty sure A Rod has signed before, but they are doing a Glavine this week, and those guys also hit milestones recently, i dont think Bonds will sign anything so i wouldnt waste points on that...

also you might want to pick up whatever 2006 Football and Basketball guys you think will do good next season for if they run a game like they did the baseball...many people have flocked to the 06 Football already, well for like the last 2 months, so they are kinda hard to trade for on the TP, but most can be bought off CT or baseball you could only use each guy once, even if you had multiples of the guy, but i think if it was different years you could play them...right now the best 'value' card in my opinion is Shawne Merriman, its under $3, not sure if they would do defensive stats, but you cant argue the price if they do end up having the game
ill be trying to get some cards for myself...ive already got 2 bush, and then 1 each of drew and mario, sold my hourning for $11 last week (had 6 RPs in it)...looks like Prince Fielder and Verlander Rcs as well as a Roy (basketball) Rc, but id rather have football...i know the 06 baseball caught fire after the game was announced, and im hoping they do the same for football...also i hope if they do have a bush its priced from before saturday when the etopps price went from like $25 to $35, if i can get one for 22 RPs ill be dancin

Qty Card Title Status

1 Eli Manning 2004 Pending
1 Jerricho Cotchery 2006 Pending
1 Shawne Merriman 2006 Pending


Qty Card Title Status

1 Jim Plunkett Pending
1 Bo Jackson (F) Pending
1 Lawrence Taylor Pending
1 Marcus Allen Pending
1 Ronnie Lott Pending
1 Raymond Berry Pending

still waiting the results...thats what angers me, before they went to the 300 item catalogs you got instant results on what you tried to pull

1 Eli Manning 2004 Sorry, Sold Out
1 Jerricho Cotchery 2006 Sorry, Sold Out
1 Shawne Merriman 2006 Sorry, Sold Out


Qty Card Title Status

1 Jim Plunkett Item Redeemed!
1 Bo Jackson (F) Sorry, Sold Out
1 Lawrence Taylor Item Redeemed!
1 Marcus Allen Sorry, Sold Out
1 Ronnie Lott Sorry, Sold Out
1 Raymond Berry Sorry, Sold Out

spent 6 each on the 2 that i got, Plunket has buy orders at $10.85, and LT has one at $7.25, hoping they do an auto on him so it will go up in price