Early Father's Day Break - SWEET


Bench Warmer
I grabbed a couple blasters at Target for my Father's Day gift today - one box of 2008 UD Baseball and a box of 2007-08 Luxury Box basketball. Nothing to write home about in the baseball (if you are looking for something, just ask). But, I did pull this from the lone pack of Luxury Box:

2007-08 Luxury Box 7 Gold Marion/Maggette/Miller/Martin/Harrington/J. Howard/Okur 8/10


Yeah, it's hard to read in the scan, but it is out of /10.

It is available for trade or sale if anyone is interested. I'd like to get a really nice Jarrett Jack for it, but will look at offers on the other guys in my sig as well.

southhawks23 said:
thats a 8/10? it looks like a 8/20 to me, but i may be wrong...AWESOME PULL!! CONGRATULATIONS!! :D:)