Baseball Complete big Auto! PDT$0 to go! Breaking 1 2023 Bowman Chrome Mega Box and 3 Bowman Blasters PLUS


5.00 star(s)
Here's the big hits of the Bowman Mega Break!
BC Mega Break.jpg

Interested in who I have a certain player? Stop by and chat!

I'll then be breaking Contest 16.
New Break will be up soon after that.
Thanks Bob

Every body is in. Aiming to break this Friday.
If anyone wants to watch live, please LMK when is a good time for you. Last couple breaks have been lonely.
Thanks Bob

Bdink25 and his buddy, has come through, to close out the break! Invoices will go out latter to day! Thanks, so much!
Contest 15 also closes...still time to pick today!

1 2023 Bowman Chrome Mega and 3 Bowman Blasters PLUS a Topps Mystery Blaster at about $170 with the usual $4 shipping no matter how many teams you pick.

TARGET $170 BIDS $170 TO GO $0
2023 Bowman Chrome
Arizona DiamondbacksButch's Buddy
Colorado RockiesLarryG
Los Angeles DodgersLarryG
San Diego PadresLarryG
San Francisco GiantsLarryG
Chicago Cubscubman1941
Cincinnati Redsrtsjr
Milwaukee BrewersLarryG
Pittsburgh PiratesButch's Buddy
St. Louis CardinalsLarryG
and 3 Bowman Blaster + Extras!s PLUSLarryG
Miami MarlinsLarryG
New York MetsBdink25
Philadelphia Philliessirthomas
Washington Nationalsrtsjr
Houston AstrosTherion
Los Angeles Angelsbdink25
Oakland Athleticsdad3309@
Seattle MarinersButch's Buddy
Texas Rangerssirthomas
Chicago White SoxLarryG
Cleveland Indiansdad3309@
Detroit Tigersrtsjr
Kansas City Royalsaspoe093
Minnesota Twinsaspoe093
Baltimore OriolesBdink25
Boston Red SoxLarryG
New York Yankeeszaccheus85
Tampa Bay RaysButch's Buddy
Toronto Blue Jaysaspoe093
Target $170To Go
2023 Bowman Chrome Mega.jpg
Bowman Chrome Mega 35 cards

3 Bowman Blaster Boxes with 72 cards per Box

Bonus Blaster 32 card for a break card total of 139. And, also lots of extra cards included.
Pick your team break and the Target is $170, Plus $4 shipping no matter how many teams you win.
Once the Target has been hit, I will make a transaction with the invoices. After all the payments have been received, I will set a time for the break and initiate a YouTube break and list it here.
Any Questions? Please Ask.
Thanks Bob
1/1 Bounty to first to pull one...
2022 USA Baseball Stars and Stripes Jumbo Materials #60 Druw Jones 17/50
Prizes for additional 1/1s

Lowest Serial Number card = $5 in a future break.


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Diamondbacks $2
Rockies $3
Padres $7
Reds $2
Brewers $3
Cardinals $3
Mariners $2
Orioles $3
Red Sox $4
Yankees $4
Jabs family team break tonight included a Bowman Chrome Mega and they pulled a Harper #/25.


Low Beckett on just Orioles, Angels and Red Sox, on the cards pulled from just this break, is higher than the bids.
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